Meet Mission 2: Lunasonde

17th January 2019
Lunasonde - investor day

With $7 trillion of the world’s GDP relying on sub-surface assets, LunaSonde is looking to take on this market wholeheartedly; becoming the ‘Google Earth’ for underground resources, capable of locating aquifers, mineral and oil deposits. They plan to do this by launching a cluster of tiny picosatellites that can map 2km below the earth’s surface, making their opportunity a very exciting one. 

At age 20, Jeremiah Pate, Lunasonde’s CEO, is the programme’s youngest founder and one of the two fellowship companies on our programme launched alongside Mission 2. The Space Camp Fellowship programme is for academics working on cutting-edge technologies with an aim of showing them what the path to Series A investment looks like.

“I remember getting the Space Camp schedule to see what we were actually doing and realised it was on a whole different planet to other accelerators. At most accelerators you’re lucky to get in front of the local angel investor. This was a completely different calibre; actually being in front of the movers and shakers of the Space Industry. Seraphim is definitely unique.” 

Since completing the accelerator, Jeremiah has been amazed by the amount of interest he’s received:

“Before Seraphim Space Camp, no-one knew about Lunasonde at all and after everyone knows about us. We’ve had so much interest in our company because of Seraphim that we’ve actually had to extend the (investment) round to deal with all of the offers. Seraphim has really transformed us from a group of people with an interesting idea to an actual start-up”

As for the future, Jeremiah wants to go the whole way and perform an ‘MRI for the planet’. In 5 years, it would be his dream to have a global constellation of pico-satellites; performing sub surface imaging across the globe, with an array of applications that could track trends over a number of multi-billion-dollar industries. 

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